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Packaging Design Trends 2019

The packaging plays a significant role for brands in creating a strong relationship with the final consumers and reaching the target groups in right and effective way. While there are many similar products in the market, there are important reasons for consumers to strengthen their brand loyalty and why they prefer certain brands.

According to the product group, taking into account the habits and preferences of the consumers, giving the message of the brands in a creative and attractive manner, provide advantage to the brands in the market among their competitors.

Let's take a look at the 2019 trends in packaging designs that play an effective role in consumer perception and purchasing habits;

1. Simplicity / Minimalism:

Minimalist designs recently have taken over consumers. In 2019, consumers will directly be guided to the product through simple designs only told with colors or symbols. With a correct and efficient design, packaging deliver the message directly to the consumer and they are capable of personalizing the bond with the product.

2 . Gradients:

We have seen the use of gradients of one or several different colors in many brands in recent year to show both the predominant tones of colors and transparency in the packaging. This year we will continue to see different color combinations in more different product groups. The trend that reflects different features in seasons or in different periods with different colors and identifying the user and product groups is mostly seen on shelves.

3. Nude / Pastel Tons:

Recently, the shades of different pastel colors play a decisive role in the design of packaging in determining product groups. These colors, which have a soft, warm but also fresh effect, are used in combination with colors white and cream. Designs completed with minimal labels and typographies positively affect the consumer's perception and interpretation on the product.

4. Vintage:

We often encounter vintage illustrations and typographic works in the design of many brands to offer their own products for the periodical re-sales with old packages. Brands that relate to the consumer through the longing and experience of the past and the old, also emphasize the issues of experience and reliability.

5. Functionality:

Besides the color and typography in the packaging designs, the structure of the packaging, the difference in material and its usefulness has become one of the factors that attract attention and cause the consumer to examine the product. Packages that are easy to carry, flexible, designed in different formats and long-term usable smart packaging also satisfy producers in terms of costs

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